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Software Requisitions and IT Projects

All computing solutions must be implemented in ways that promote security of systems, data, and persons.  Individuals and departments contribute to and share responsibility for the deployment of these computing solutions. 

In an effort to help departments navigate the procurement process, ITA has developed guideline related to software acquisition.  These guidelines are intended to answer many of the commonly asked questions that come into our office.  In addition, our questionnaire has been redesigned to assist those that enter orders into HokieMart.  The new questionnaire must accompany all software orders submitted into the HokieMart system.  If you have questions, related either to the guidelines or the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact us at 231-8804

Guidelines for the Acquisition of Information Technology Hardware, Software, and Software as a Service

The purpose of these guidelines is to draw together most of the generally applicable policy statements for ease of use in the procurement of new information technology resources for the university.   

Questionnaire for Software Application Orders
This questionnaire is a tool for departments to document their awareness of and adherence to university standards and review processes.  Attach this completed verification to the HokieMart requisition for non-contract orders over $2,000 and maintain in your department's procurement file for orders under $2,000.

Software and Cloud Services Information

ITA is the university office charged by University Policy 3015, “University Contract Signature Policy and Procedures,” to be the point of contact for all contracts related to computer hardware and software. (  

 Information Technology has established guidelines that govern the procurement of software.  The guidelines below identify requirements and review processes to be completed prior to ordering software.  Adherence should minimize expenditures of effort and funds on software applications that may not be useable due to issues with university liability—particularly regarding system security and personal information, and/or implications for the provision of resources beyond the procurement itself.

Included within this standard is any software application for data processing and/or network storage of data which is commonly referred to as "cloud services".




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